1999 Honda Nighthawk 750

I bought the Nighthawk (new) from Montgomeryville Cycle Center.  A friend recommended it to me with the phrase It’s the bike you want. and he was absolutely right.  (Thanks Nathan!)  The Nighthawk was my daily ride until 2007 when I  purchased my first Kingpin.  The Nighthawk was a so perfect at being an all around bike, that I’ve made only added a few upgrades.  The only real changes are the seat and the backrest.

For the seat, I’ve switched to a Corbin seat which is great for long rides.  I originally ordered a Corbin passenger backrest also, but I have since replaced with a Honda passenger backrest because it includes a cargo rack.  In addition the chrome arms coming over the sides of the seat give the Nighthawk a bit of classic look which I like.

Other than the seat, I keep the Nighthawk in near mint condition; people still ask me if it’s brand new, despite being more than 10 years old and traveling more than 34,000 miles.  When I purchased the Kingpin, people asked me if I was going to sell and there was no doubt about my answer: No!

There’s two reasons why I will never sell the Nighthawk.  First, considering it’s original price of approximately $6,000, and it’s age & milage, it has reached the minimum value for a good condition motorcycle.  In other words: it’s worth more to me than I will ever get for it.  The second reason harkens back to when I first started riding the Nighthawk: wherever I go, other riders, regardless of what they are riding today, tell me how much they miss their Nighthawk.

Although I only ride it occasionally, the Nighthawk will always have special place in my heart: two weeks after I picked up the Victory, I took the Nighthawk to be professionally detail and have the paint touched up.  And as a second / backup bike, you can’t do much better than a Honda.

GarageGarage CornerBikeShotGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand Canyon

Nighthawk 750, a set on Flickr.


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