2016 Victory Vision

Kingpin - Vision

At the end of March, 2016, I traded the Kingpin for a new Vision.  I’d been thinking about the Vision of years and been on more test rides than I can count and the time finally came to pull the trigger.

Initial Options

I ordered the Vision thru Trumbauers with Stage 1 Exhaust & Fluted Tips, Black Billet Collection & Chrome Trim package.

Vision Side

Aftermarket Options

Stock Cheese WedgeThe stock intake & ignition covers, known as cheese wedges, look good on the stock bike, but once you add the chrome and billet accents, they lose some appeal.  I ordered Maxton covers from Coastal Victory as they generally match with the wheels and other accents.  They were a little awkward to install, mainly because you can’t see the clips that receive the bolts (as they are between the cover and the engine), but it only took about 30 minutes and they look great.

After Market Cheese Wedge

More Upgrades



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