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Back on the Road

Last year was quite busy with precious little riding (thus the lack of posts), but this year will be different: I am planning a three week road trip, departing around August 9th and returning home by September 1st (max. 24 days on the road).  The only question is Where to go?

Option 1 – Northwest to Glacier National Park

I have been talking about visiting Glacier National Park, and riding the Sun Road, for a few years so maybe it is finally time.  If I took this route, I could also visit Yellowstone since it is relatively close (close takes on a slightly different meaning out west).  When I originally considered this trip, I figured on hitting the American Victory Rally in Spirit Lake, but sadly it is canceled this year.

There would also be the possibility of stopping to see friends in Detroit, Illinois and maybe Montana, many of whom I rarely see.  (Sadly, I will not make it to Pennsic this year.)  On the downside, it will be 5 heavy riding days – 2,300 miles – each way, not counting detours and visits.  The other consideration is the weather, which could be anything and can change at any time; even now, some of the camping areas in Glacier are still closed and will not be clear of snow until June 13th.

Option 2 – Southwest to Monument Valley

Back to my favorite destination, and why not?  I could hit Monument Valley & Antelope Canyon, both of which had to be skipped on previous trips.  On the way out, I could hook a bit north to visit folks in Detroit & Illinois – this would add a hundred or so miles to the trip, but would also keep me far away from Missouri and that is a good thing.  (Sorry to any who live there & like it, but it has always been misery for me.)   On the way back east, I would come thru my future home town, Albuquerque, to see Jane & friends, and stop in Houston to spend time with the Doss family.  I could also revive the plans from 2012 to see my brother in North Carolina and visit with many friends in various parts of Virginia.

Overall, the focus would be on visiting as many friends as possible.  This would be slightly less distance than the Northwest option – minimum 2,100 miles to the most westward point – and have many more social occasions along the way.

Option 3 – North to Oak Island

A friend recently suggested riding up the east coast thru Maine, at which point I immediately thought of continuing on to Oak Island.  I originally learned about Oak Island via In Search Of, and, more recently, was obsessed with The Curse of Oak Island.

I have been on a ride as far as Connecticut, and visited Boston numerous times (by car), but Maine would be a completely new experience.  In addition, there are many folks in Boston I would love to see.  This would also be a relatively short trip – only 847 miles to Oak Island – so I could hit some other areas.  Possibly pick up the Virginia and North Carolina portion of Option 2.

Decisions, Decisions

Option 1 – amazing sights to see, but lots empty road to cover and weather concerns.

Option 2 – familiar, but also my favorite part of the country.  (Is it odd to say a 2,100 mile ride is familiar?)  Also, many, many friends to see.

Option 3 – most likely breaks down into multiple rides, never getting too far from home, but new areas to explore and plenty of visiting with friends.

I am currently leaning toward Option 2, but Option 3 definitely warrants more investigation.  It is unclear when I will make the decision (possibly in the driveway on August 9th) but I should probably get my passport renewed, just in case.


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Long Ride 2012 Wrap Up



19 days
15 states, visiting 2 for the first time (Arkansas & Kentucky)
Starting Odometer: 16,413
Ending Odometer: 22,491
Rain Storms: too many to count
Friends & Good Times: also too many to count

Special Thanks

  • Jane for a great weekend in Albuquerque (and introducing me to my future home town)
  • Trumbauer’s for getting the Kingpin ready for the trip at the last minute, as always.  It ran like a dream.
  • Kristen for good times in Houston
  • Dan & Sam for rides to / from Trumbauer’s.
  • Everyone who sent encouragement & travel tips, so I never feel like I’m riding alone.

Most Memorable Moments

Moving Map Slideshow

Music by Boogaboo.  See the video here.  Buy it here.

Nice Day to RideIowaIowaStorms near Hays, KSRaccoon TanKansasOpen RoadOpen RoadSugar CitySugar CityRookies in SightWolf PassThru the RookiesRoad to Wolf PassWolf PassWolf PassWolf PassWolf PassWolf PassOne of these things is not like the othersRoad to PageRoad to PageRoad to PageRoad to Page

Long Ride 2012, a set on Flickr.
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Destination: Albuquerque

The ride to Albuquerque took most of the day and passed thru Hopi & Navajo reservations.  There were many scenic views along the way, but the most interesting part of the ride was the people I met along the way.

Normally, I make a fuel stop when the trip odometer is between 120 & 150 miles, but in the wide open spaces, when you are not riding the interstates, you have to be careful as it can be some distance between gas stations.

Around midday, with odometer closing in on 150 miles, I stopped into a small Hopi town for gas; this was not a normal traveler stop where the station is on the main road, but instead, I had to drive into town.  The town was like any rural community with a main store that is gas station, market and deli.  All in all, nothing unusual, except I was very definitely the outsider.

Usually in rural towns, I get noticed because I have a Pennsylvania license plate and, in these small towns, everyone knows everyone.  In this particular case there was a more obvious reason why I was an outsider: I’m the only non-Hopi.  Even with the obvious difference, this was like any other rural stop: the people were friendly and kind, asking about my ride, where I had been and where I was going.

About an hour later, I stopped at a tourist attraction which had a small exhibit detailing the history of the Hopi.  While I was interested in the exhibit, I really stopped because I wanted a break and there was a small group of riders in the parking lot.

I did stop into the exhibit, but spent more time talking to my fellow travelers.  These Hopi riders where headed to a Navajo event in Window Rock.  From the exhibit, I had learned that there have been long standing tensions between the Navajo & Hopi over land rights, but these bikers showed now ill feelings toward the Navajo.

Since it was on my way, I rode with the Hopi all the way to the event.  As we approached main drag, one of the Hopi let me know how I could skip around the event to avoid the traffic, but I wasn’t too bad so I rode thru.

The event was a huge fair, occupying the entire town, with amusement rides, some special Navajo displays and other attractions.  Had I had known about this event, I would have planned to arrive early and spend some time in town, but, with evening plans in Albuquerque, I said goodbye to my new friends and headed on down the road.

That night in Albuquerque, Jane introduced me to some of her friends at a special Harry Potter trivia event.  The questions covered obscure details from the movies, books and even related websites; our answers were very original, but not so correct.  At one point, we received sympathy candy from the hosts because we were in last place, having answer absolutely none of the questions correctly.  Despite our ability to come with the prescribed answers, a great time was had by all.

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